Stained glass windows keep ahead of the curve

Taking forward the dialogue between art and science

7 June 2017


Stained Glass Iconostasis: Fragile 'Munich Glass' in Ukraine

Glass Science in Art and Conservation

International Conference GlassAC 2017

Faculty of Sciences and Technology

University Nova of Lisbon, Portugal


25 May 2017


Secession Stained Glass

The Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass

Glaziers Hall

9 Montague Close

London SE1 9DD, UK


21 February 2017


Stained Glass: The Art of Light

British Art Week

Upper Latymer School

Primary School


London, UK


7 October - 10 December 2016


The Song of Orpheus. Solo Exhibition

National Museum of Folk Decorative Art. Kyiv, Ukraine

7 September 2016


Capturing the Glass: Interdisciplinary Approach

Society of Glass Technology

SGT Centenary Conference and ESG 2016

Sheffield University, UK




4 March 2016


New Light on Ukrainian Stained Glass

British Society of Master Glass Painters

The Art Workers Guild

6 Queen Square

London WC1N 3AT 


9 September 2015


In Search of Light. Glass! Science! Art!

University of Cambridge

Murray Edwards College


Glass Reflections - Glass in the Year of Light

International Conference. Society of Glass Technology


The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, 2015 is a UNESCO observance that aims to raise awareness of the achievements of light science and its applications, and of its importance to humandkind.

6 December 2013

Iconostasis of Saints Cyril and Methodius Church: New Facts of Attribution

National Kyiv Pechersk Historical and Cultural Preserve

Kyiv, Ukraine


XVIII Moghylyanski Chytannya. International Conference

13 September 2013


Acid Etching Technique: Art vs Science

University of Cambridge

Murray Edwards College


Living Glass. International Conference. Society of Glass Technology

February 2013


Stained Glass: Past. Present. Future

St James School

London, UK


Art and Technology Week

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